Staff Directory

Meg Bailey Counsel, Student Life & Academic Affairs
Terry Bridges
Terry Bridges Director of Ethics and Compliance, GTRI
Yolonda Cameron
Yolonda Cameron Assistant Chief Counsel II, Transactions & Administration
Cameron Cilano
Cameron Cilano Senior Counsel, Athletics
Aaron Cohen – Investigator
Aaron Cohen Investigator, Ethics and Compliance
Janelle Cornwall Assistant Chief Counsel, GTRI
Bret Cowley Assistant Athletics Director, Compliance
Sheila Cranman
Sheila Cranman Assistant Chief Counsel, Export & Trade
Kelly Cross
Kelly Cross Institute Policy Manager
Wayne Davenport Executive Director, Enterprise Risk Management
 Aric Edwards
Aric Edwards Compliance Manager, COI
Susann D. Estroff
Susann Estroff Assistant Chief Counsel, Transactions & Administration
Macy McCarty  Counsel
Macy Fennell Senior Counsel, Student Life & Academic Affairs
Nikki Flanigan Senior Counsel, Transactions & Administration
Christian Fuller Senior Counsel, Employment & Litigation
Brandon Gibbons Staff Counsel, GTRI
Kathleen Gosden
Kathleen Gosden Chief Counsel, Student Life & Academic Affairs
Carrie Grazier Compliance Officer, Export Control
Cortrella Greer
Cortrella Greer Paralegal, Affiliated Organizations
Melissa Hall
Melissa Hall Deputy Chief Ethics Compliance Officer & Director of Investigations
Eric Hoffman Assistant Chief Counsel, Employment & Litigation
Jasmine Jackson Legal Services Coordinator
LaTeisha Jeannis, Ed.D
LaTeisha Jeannis Senior Investigator, Ethics and Compliance
Danette Joslyn-Gaul General Counsel & Vice President
John Kington
John Kington Assistant Cheif Counsel, Employment & Litigation
Andrew Leipold Investigator, Ethics and Compliance
Darryl W. Lunon, II Deputy General Counsel & Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Lance Markos
Lance Markos Associate Director of Compliance, Athletics
Traci Marks Investigator, Ethics and Compliance
Kathleen McGinn Senior Compliance Officer, COI
Kenya Nevith-Branch Compliance Officer, COI
Kenecia Powell Paralegal, GTRI
Jodie Quintero – Administrative Professional
Jodie Quintero Compliance Analyst, Ethics and Compliance
Matthew Riddle
Matthew Riddle Paralegal, Transactions & Administration
Amanda Roberson Paralegal, Student Life & Academic Affairs
Shawn Scott Program Support Coordinator, Ethics and Compliance
Lauren Scott
Lauren Scott Staff Counsel, GTRI
Romy Smith Chief Counsel, GTRI
Tanesha Steward
Tanesha Steward Assistant Chief Counsel & Director, Affiliated Organizations
Hyen Sung
Hyen Sung Assistant Chief Counsel II, Transactions & Administration
Audrey Thomas Paralegal, Employment & Litigation
Sherryll D. Thrash Administrative Manager & Assistant to the General Counsel
Evan Tubbs Compliance Assistant, Athletics
Bing Wang Senior Counsel & Advisor to the General Counsel
Kate Wasch
Kate Wasch Chief Counsel, Employment & Litigation
Shimanda White Compliance Officer, Export Control